Do you need speed, functionality and portability in your daily Unicode code/text editor? iXNotepad consists of one EXE (no DLLs/COMs/etc), configuration and schema files, and it does not use the registry and/or add/modify any system files.Need to take iXNotepad with you - No Problem! Copy iXNotepad and config files onto a USB memory stick and now your ready to edit. Fast Versatile Code/Text Editor.iXNotepad Features:
1. Single Executable
2. USB Portable - take it with you
3. Does not use the registry
4. Does not add/modify any system files
5. Current Session is saved and restoredFloating Panels and Toolbars - Toggle Click Visibility and Float State:
1. Files Panel
2. Messages PanelFile/Folder Manager:
1. Complete Built-in File/Folder manager
2. MRU list of previously opened files
3. MRU list of previous folders
4. MRU list of opened editorsWindow Manager:
1. MRU Editor Selectable
2. Close, Close All, Close Selectable
3. Save, Save All, Save As, Save Selectable
4. Print, Print All, Print SelectableWindow Status Bar:
1. Click for Row/Col to Goto Line
2. Click to toggle Code Folding
3. Click to toggle Line Numbers
4. Click to toggle Printable
5. Click to toggle Wrap mode
6. Click to toggle Modified
7. Click to toggle Read Only
8. Click to toggle Insert/Overwrite mode
9. View the complete file name and pathAdvanced Code Editor:
1. UTF-8/UTF-16 (LE/BE)
2. Code Folding
3. Define styles for keywords, comments, color, font, etc.
4. Key Mapping - Classic, Brief, Epsilon and Visual Studio
5. Bookmarks - Images can be displayed on the gutter
6. Margin and Gutter - specify a custom gutter image or select gradient filling
7. Line numbers
8. Column block selection - select blocks across multiple lines and without including the beginning of a line
9. Word wrap - wrap text so it fits in the client area or specify the position where text is wrapped
10. Mouse wheel support
11. Tab/Detab settings
12. Tag locate under cursor
13. Unlimited text and line size - works with huge files
14. Drag-n-Drop support - Copy and Move support
15. Unlimited multilevel undo/redo - Specify whether undo/redo will work with single operation or with the group of similar operations
16. Line Break - CR/LF: Auto Detect, Windows, MAC, UNIX/Linux or change on the flyAdvanced Text Formatting:
1. Block
2. Align on token
3. Capitalize Block/Word
4. Sort Ascending
5. Sort Descending
6. To Uppercase
7. To LowercaseSearch and Replace:
1. Goto Line
2. Find Matching parens/braces
3. Find text under cursor
4. Forward/Backward searching
5. Search selected block only

Published By:newmium.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:19 October, 2012



Size:3.1 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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