Invantive Composition for Word

Invantive Composition for Word

Save money by combining Word documents with data from databases and applications

An often occurring business problem is the generation of complex documents with data from a database or application. For instance, because of the multitude of complex information and deviating rules per jurisdiction employees spend a lot of time in the composing of documents. This manual and repetitive activity causes more erroneous composed documents and brings with it unnecessary employee costs reducing business profit. For organizations that are dealing with different laws and regulations such as health care institutions, insurers and lawyers, the creation of complex documents is a costly and time consuming task. The automatic generation and creation of documents that meet the laws and regulations is however easily done using Invantive Composition!

Your gains by filling a Word template with data from your database

The automated filling and archiving of documents from a database with Invantive Composition will bring you advantages such as:

- Automatically fill pre-composed templates in Word.
- Focus on your business, not on technology; without any programming and without software developers.
- Reduce time-to-market for changing your business by reducing effort by your IT department.
- Merge unstructured texts in a document with structured data.
- Optimization of the documentation and communication process.
- Reduction of erroneously prepared documents and production costs.
- Improved security of company information.

Supported Platforms

Invantive Composition for Microsoft Word supports the following databases:

- Microsoft SQL Server
- Oracle RDBMS
- Teradata

Please consult the minimum system requirements for full details.

Fill Word Templates From Sql Server - Generate Contract In Word Using Database - Pre-Fill Word Templates From Oracle - Word Mail Merge Sql - Word Mail Merge Database - Pre-Fill Word Documents From Database

Published By:Invantive Software B.V.

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Date Added:26 February, 2015




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Platform: Windows , Windows 8 , WinServer , WinVista

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