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InJoy Firewall is a multi-platform firewall and multi-purpose security application. It utilizes next-generation IDS technology to deliver enterprise-class Deep Packet Inspection, Application Layer vulnerability protection, and intelligent Intrusion Prevention. Unlike run-of-the-mill commercial firewalls that focus more on user-friendliness than functionality, the InJoy firewall delivers uniquely strong and flexible enterprise-grade technology -- while still remaining a breeze to use. Features:
* Easy to manage. A rich array of management information allows you to examine performance, traffic, the level of threat, and change your configuration to suit changing conditions. It can give you a whole new appreciation for what is going on behind the scenes.* Easy to monitor. As a Windows user you will enjoy the InJoy Firewall's outstanding monitoring ability, providing you expandable color-coded security alerts. Additional GUI logging monitors are pre-configured to show dropped packets, rejected connections, accepted connections, blacklisted users, HTTP URL requests, and much more.* Enterprise-class security that takes you much further than the traditional stealthing of the PC and blocking of ports. The InJoy firewall ?next-generation security combines static firewall rules with behavioral rules technology, providing you with the ultimate threat detection. The dense mixture of packet and contextual tests prevent even subtle, highly-sophisticated attacks from succeeding. The integrity of your valuable systems and data is protected.* Robust, integrated, standards-based architecture. Standards compliance means easy, stable interaction with other vendors' products. Supports PPPoE, IPSec, PPTP, and DHCP connections.* Fully-scalable and future-proof. No worries about running out of capacity due to increasing sales volume, adding offices, or changing network topologies.* Available for Linux, Windows, and OS/2 platforms. Allows you to mix these operating systems in a secure, logical wide-area network without having to solve platform-related IPSec compatibility problems or sacrifice your previous investment.* Eases the migration of strategic embedded applications to new platforms without having to re-design already tested connectivity setups.This new version brings you even more of the high-quality features that our users have requested:
- Support for a broader range of operating system flavors with these new systems supported:
1. Linux: Debian Sarge; Mandrake 10; Open SuSE 10.x; RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.x, 4.x, 5.x; Fedora Core 1 to 6; Fedora 7; Slackware 9;
2. Windows: XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit;
3. Full Windows 2003 support;
4. OS/2: eComStation 2.x;
Windows Vista support is implemented in line with Microsoft's recommendations: the core of the product runs as a Windows Service, while the Firewall GUI software runs at the user level - so you don't get bothered with privilege elevation and unneeded interaction with Vista's User Account Control (UAC).- Taskbar Tray Icon on Windows added for quick and easy access to main features;
- Windows XP SP2+ Security Center support;
- Installation repair feature added for when you need to recover the InJoy installation after system crashes or lockdowns;
- Ethernet MAC-level firewalling support added for extra low-level control of network traffic;
- Traffic Shaping totally re-written and OPTIMIZED for outstandinger overall "intelligence" and mission-critical accuracy for bandwidth-demanding applications, such as VoIP. The Traffic Shaping engine now utilizes operating system scheduling abilities together with carefully designed prioritization algorithms for limiting bandwidth and giving priority to all flavors traffic. It's more strong than ever and it raises the bar for the competition;
- Full IPSec x.509 Digital Certificate support added to the base product for the highest grade of security possible today. The x.509 certificates have become the common standard in the VPN industry, allowing you to set up a public key infrastructure in no time - with the help of specialized third-party certificate management applications.
- External Database Authentication for VPN users has finally been added in the base product - now allowing everyone to store user credentials in for example a MySQL database. In addition, full source code of the External Authentication Database Module is available on request from F/X Communications, so you can handle those special customization requirements.
- Complete Path MTU Discovery added to the IPSec VPN ability for easier configuration and improved networking stability in networks that span different media types. The automatic adjustments of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size is complicated "science" that overcomes those annoying limitations introduced by hubs with low MTUs - thus providing smooth and unattended operation over any network structure.
- An enterprise-quality implementation of PATH MTU discovery is an extremely rare and highly demanded feature for enterprise networks. Our implementation has been tested by some of the biggest companies in the world and it can save a small fortune for many organizations;
- Splitting VPN traffic from regular traffic so particular types of traffic can be sent in the clear, even if the traffic matches an encrypted VPN tunnel. This feature satisfies the common requirement to bypass the VPN tunnels for DNS requests or real-time query-response status messages;
- Increased networking performance for both regular traffic and VPN traffic. We have been through just about every feature and optimized the already outstanding performance to get even better. Most notable improvements are for environments with thousands of VPN tunnels, but also home-users with file-sharing applications and small businesses should be able to feel the more responsive implementations;
- NAT Internet Sharing improved with bug-fixes and support for the SIP protocol, so well-behaved VoIP applications can "connect back" through the firewall and allow you to get incoming calls;
- The Firewall Engine has been updated, strengthened and optimized in every aspect, while maintaining the already proven and industry-leading intrusion detection. It's safer and smarter than ever, and we aren't afraid to call it "best in class";
- The Firewall User Interface has received a number of updates, both for faster operation over slow Internet connections, as well as increased stability, and bug-fixes. Among the noteworthy features is the capability to communicate with the Firewall when running as a Windows Service or in another terminal session;
- The IPSec VPN Engine has been improved with automatic stopping of the Windows IPSec VPN service prior to running, to avoid conflicts with pre-configured system services and mysterious connectivity problems; dead tunnel detection support with archiving of log files; support for multiple Road Warriors (frequently moving IPSec VPN clients) behind the same NAT gateway; Extended Authentication v6 is now possible between InJoy Firewall? program too;
- Linux operating system improvements include 2.6 kernels support, a bunch of small workarounds for the various distributions, full compatibility with system startup scripts, compatibility with all networking interface names, and much more;
- Many Windows operating system improvements, for overall smooth operation. In fact, too many to list;
- OS/2 and eComStation users will enjoy the solid operation they have known for more than 10 years, just with more fixes and faster operation;
- And much - much - much more.

Firewall - Multi-Platform - Cross-Platform - Deep Packet Inspection - Intrusion Detection - Dial-Up - Dial-In - Ppp - Linux - Os 2 - Ecomstation - Ipsec Toolkit - Ipsec Stack - Vpn - Ndis Toolkit - Atm


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