InfoWonder is an advanced PIM for many different types of information: formatted notes, voice/audio \\notes\\, web pages, images, and custom forms. Features: reminders, text search, spell checker, backup, advanced search, import/export, and much more. InfoWonder is a new kind of personal information organizer built on a unique plugin-in architecture. It will manage many different types of information: word processed notes (which can include existing or new voice/audio recordings, images, links to URLs or other InfoWonder items), web pages, and user-created fill-in forms to simplify repetitive data entry. InfoWonder has a comprehensive search capability that can locate items in your database that contain particular text, even searching web pages that are saved as \\items\\ using the built-in web browser plugin. InfoWonder has a comprehensive reminder capability that supports an advanced recurrence setup. More features: spell checker for your word-processed notes\; calendar view that shows events scheduled for various periods of time\; automatic backup including all program preferences making it easy to move all data to another machine\; print item lists or full contents of individual or multiple item\; import/export text files\; customize the sounds, colors, toolbars and layout used by InfoWonder\; record and playback audio files and include links to the recordings in note items\; \\favorites\\ tab bar gets you back to folders you use frequently\; back/forward keystrokes allows you to retrace your viewed items\; automatic startup with windows, and can be hidden in the system tray\; simple, familiar Windows Explorer interface\; and much more.

Published By:LeerSoft, L.L.C.

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:03 March, 2011




Size:5.8 MB

Platform: Windows

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