Image2Html enables you to convert an image to full-color ASCII art that can be rendered in any web browser. The software analyzes the input image and creates a pattern by using colored font characters that will closely resemble the original image. There are some options to tweak the conversion settings but the default setting do a pretty good job. Image2Html supports conversion of single images, as well as batch conversion.
You may have tried the free sevice provided by But their page takes too long to render especially when you are submitting a big image, because you need to upload your local file to their server first before their software start to calculate & render. Their script isn"t so brilliant though, while our highly efficient algorithm helps you batch convert mutiple images within a blink. Image2Html can also apply some stunning effect on the output text-image which you"ll never find on or anywhere else. I also managed to invent a compression algorithm which enables you to adjust appropriate quality value (the higher value, the poorer quality) to reduce output file size.


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Htm2Pic is a windows desktop program that mainly helps you convert html page from any URL into image in any popular format. (BMP,JPG,GIF,PNG,TIF etc) This tool is specially designed for batch converting a lot of web pages.

DateSep 25, 2014

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