ILoveClipboard is a useful program to manage Windows clipboard. It can totally save your copied data. You can copy one time and paste many times. It supports text and bitmap. You can paste the content anywhere anytime unlimited. All the data in the board will be saved when the software exit. So you can use the clipped data saved before when you open your machine next time. It supplies several characteristic features for the users who usually edit text file, such as "compounding paste" , inserting your copied content automatically before or after others, helping you to accomplish trivial tasks and setting top of some information. Thus you can find the information you often used. It is really a good helper of all users.
1. How to use ILoveClipboard
After install the software, you can do your operation as usual. If you want to paste any contents saved in the clip. Just press Ctrl+Shift+F. The program will pop-up service window.
2. Can I paste several contents together
Of course you can. After you choose one content, Press Ctrl to choose another one. Or you can choose one and press Shift, then to choose another one. The contents between the two will be used all. At last, press ENTER or click right button of the mouse and select PASTE. More contents can be pasted.
3. How long will the contents be saved in the clipboard
If the program exit normally, the data in the clipboard will be saved on the disk, and be loaded at the next startup time. The contents will not be lost. The data of the program is saved in the folder named "data" in the same directory which the program is in. You can backup the folder to get several copies.
4. How to enable and disable "compounding paste" feature
Clip the button at the button in the main window of the software, an option window will pop-up after you click. Check the option to enable "compounding paste" feature and uncheck the option to disable it.


License Type:Shareware

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ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard. It can completely save your copied data.

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