I Can Press Keys


I Can Press Keys is a fun game designed for children in the 1 to 3 year age range. It offers a number of different animated scenes and sound effects which are activated simply by pressing keys on the keyboard.Your child will love seeing all of the different pictures and animations, copying the sound effects, and learning to press the keys and feel their way around the keyboard. With your help they can start to learn the names of each of the objects they see on the screen.The game takes over the screen completely, preventing your child from accessing the Windows desktop behind. This means they can use the computer without being able to access any applications or documents that they shouldn't be able to reach.. I Can Games. Fun and educational games for little people

Fun - Games - Animated - Pictures - Children - Keyboard - I Can - Press Keys - Educational - Young

Published By:I Can Games

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:15 January, 2011




Size:3.3 MB

Platform: Win XP/ME/2003/2000/98

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