Helium 2


Helium 2 is a feature rich, yet easy to use audio manager that supports all popular audio file formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis (OGG), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MPC and MP+ files. It enables you to catalog your entire collection of audio files and instantly search for your favorite songs, browse all albums using the album cover as thumbnail, create reports and more.
In addition to organizing your audio files, Helium 2 also provides a complete set of tools to manage them by editing tags, changing names, editing lyrics, creating CDs, looking up artist information via CDDb and much more.
Helium 2 lets you work with audio files stored on hard discs, CD-ROMs, network drives, ZIP drives or any other removable media. It includes the Radon player, which lets you play multiple playlists and can display images associated with each title.
Additional features include automatically generated database statistics, personal ratings, sorting by genre, mood, year etc., custom database queries and more. Helium 2 is a very strong solution for serious audio collectors, that offers a full range of tool and many unique features.
Highlights in Helium Music Manager:
Explore your collection - your way!
Helium Music Manager is not just another way of playing your music - it's a full-fledged music manager with many different ways of exploring and playing your music.
Not the average music manager
Helium Music Manager stands powerful in the competition.
We work hard to bring you more than our competitors do. Helium Music Manager contains most features that the average music collector/listener needs, but also the specific features that you will miss from other software.
Download our Comparison Chart that compares Helium Music Manager to Windows Media Player, iTunes and Yahoo! Music Jukebox.
Powerful database backend
Whether you have a regular size music collection or several hundred, or even thousands of records, Helium Music Manager will be able to operate at full speed.
Active development and large user base
Helium Music Manager has been on the market since 1997. We have actively been updating and improving the software since then and will continue to do so. We are supporting an active forum where our customers can discuss with each other and exchange tips and tricks.
Thousands of users from more than 60 countries rely on Helium Music Manager to take care of their everyday music needs.
Music Statistics
Music statistics of your entire music collection - in one place.
Helium Music Manager can display interresting and informative information about your music collection as whole
Let others know what music you are listening to
Helium Music Manager includes Last.fm/Audioscrobbler support, letting you display your taste of music to thousands of other music fans.
Let the music play with the Auto Enqueue / Auto DJ feature
Instead of a playlist ending and the music being stopped, Helium Music Manager can automatically enqueue tracks of your choice to your playlist.
Let the music inspire you
Get instant suggestions on similar tracks when playing your music. The Suggested Tracks feature in Helium Music Manager will make you discover new music as you are listening. Relations between artists is a new way of rediscovering your music collection.
Supporting the standards
Helium Music Manager has a long history in the music management business. We always keep up-to-date with the latest standards when it comes to storing information about your music.
Playing History
Helium Music Manager automatically keeps track of the music you are playing. You can go back to a specific date to see exactly what music you played on that party or other occasion.

Published By:helium-music-manager.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:21 October, 2012



Size:9.7 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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