GstarCad Professional


2D AutoCad compatible IntelliCad based software. GstarCAD is a cost-impactful 2D/3D DWG and DXF CAD Software. Powered by the most recent IntelliCAD engine, GstarCAD Premium Professional assures you of full compatibility with AutoCAD's (AutoCAD 2.5 to 2011) strong and easy drawing Functions (2D & 3D drawing and editing, ACIS Solid Modeling Editing, Express Tools, Excellent 3D process engine, Plot Built-in plot Driver, Visual Styles, AutoXLStable etc) and full blown software development environment(LISP , SDS, VLISP, GRX, VBA) allowing to port AutoCAD based applications to GstarCAD and run them with the same source code. GstarCAD Premium Professional is suggested you are looking for a full-featured CAD.The User Interface
1. Toolbar and Menu
The usual command settings and mode can be visited by toolbar and menu.2. The Command Window
You can display commands, system variables, options, messages, and prompts in a dockable and resizable window called the command window3. Design Center
With DesignCenter, you can manage block references, xrefs, and other content such as layer definitions, layouts, and text styles.4. Customize the Drawing Environment
Many elements of the working environment can be customized to fit your needs.5. Tool Palettes
Tool palettes are tabbed areas within the Tool Palettes window that provide an efficient method for organizing, sharing, and placing blocks, hatches, and other tools. Tool palettes can also contain custom tools provided by third-party developers.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 August, 2012

Version:12.0 Build 111223


Size:97.8 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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