Good Usb Lock


Good Usb Lock prevent information loss due to the unauthorized use of USB stick, CD-ROM and USB Floppy.
Good Usb Lock for USB stick of the control program You can stop the USB stick end not to be used at any time in order to prevent your informations in your computer from copy used the USB stick by someone and protect your secret and safe on your computer.
Good Usb Lock works in a hide on the backstage. When you want to use the USB stick ,you can press the keys of ctrl + U,it will be showed on your computer immediately,then enter your secret number.
You can open the USB stick to be used.After you finished using,you can stop the USB stick again. The program can be sprung itself.
Good Usb Lock can distinguish the inserting USB stick and USB mouse. Althought you may stop the USB stick ,but it is can not influence the USB mouse to be used.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:08 July, 2012



Size:1.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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