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The GOM Encoder program is an easy to use MP4, WMV, AVI and OGM, FLV converting (encoding) application.GOM Encoder is a strong video conversion program that enables you to convert and watch your videos on your iPods, PSPs, MP3 Players, Cell phones, Game Consoles and in other various devices.
You can convert all the video files that are playable with GOM Player to MKV, AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV/ASF, OGM, 3GP, MP3 files and more.
You can enjoy your converted videos anywhere and anytime with your Cell Phones, MP3 Players, iPods, PSP/PS3s, PMPs, GPS and other various multimedia devices.
GOM Encoder can easily convert a video with a simple 3 step control. You can add a video file to the list, select the format you want then start conversion. You can also use the Preset function to choose the correct device and format right away. Convert the video then edit and save it to the format of your choice without complicated steps. Other Media Players are providing or selling supporting video conversion program but limits the formats of videos that can be converted. GOM Encoder can convert almost any files that are playable through GOM Player, offering a wide range of support for input and output file formats. You can convert the videos to fit your taste. You can crop the frames you want from the video (set sections function), and insert subtitles in the video and convert (subtitles output function).GOM Encoder Functions
1. All the videos that can be played with GOM Player can be converted (Except SWF)
2. Embed subtitles on videos (Able to view subtitles on devices that do not support subtitle files)
3. MP4/3GP/SKM video conversions for Cell Phones, PSPS/PS3, and iPod
4. AVI video conversions for PMP, DivX Players
5. WMV video conversions for WebPages and Blog Posts
6. OGM/AVI video conversions for PDAs
7. Conversions into FLV (Flash) files
8. Extract and convert an audio file from a video to an MP3 file
9. Stable encoding (When converting WMV files like online lecture videos)
10. Very rapid conversion speed (Even faster with dual or quad-core/hyper threading CPU)
11. Extract and convert only the segments of a video
12. Use the video play speed change function, and watch video lectures and etc faster (faster encoding)
13. Create high quality videos with 2PASS encodingGOM Encoder Supported Devices
1. iPod (Classic)/iPod nano [3G, 4G]/iPod Touch/iPhone/ Apple TV
2. PSP/ PS3(MP4, DivX, WMV) DivX
3. SONY WALKMAN S & A Series [S630, S730, A820, A829, A910]/SONY WALKMAN X Series [NW - X1050, NW - X1060]
4. Toshiba Gigabeat [T401S, T802, V41, V81, V401, V801, V30E, V60E]
5. Victor (JVC) alneo [XA - V20, XA - V40, XA - V80]
6. Cell Phones (3GP) (Blackberry/JuneHD/Docomo/SoftBank)
7. iriver [B20, Clix, D5, E100, U10, W7] W7
8. Cowon [A2, A3, Q5, D2, L2, N2] N2GOM Encoder Functions
1. Multi Core CPU to Multi Thread Conversion Support
2. Preset Output
3. Segment Output
4. MP3 File Output
5. DSC (Direct Stream Copy)
6. Photo BGM Output [Still Image (JPG or BMP) + Audio Output]
7. Subtitle Output (.srt/.smi)
8. Split Video Output
9. Video (Hue / Saturation / Brightness / Contrast)
10. Video Effects (Block Removal / Sharp / De-interlace / Flip Vertical)
11. Thumbnail Output
12. Logo (Watermark) OutputLimitations:
* 30 days trial
* GOM Encoder watermark on encoded videos.
* Nag screen

Published By:gomlab.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:10 October, 2012



Size:8.0 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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