GalaxyDMS is a strong system serving to collect, share and search for different types of documents, resulting in a company or coming from outside. Includes capability to precisely search for documents according to various criteria. Documents can be saved from disk, scanned, or come from e-mail.
GalaxyDMS allows you to manage three types of information. Depending on the type of information you can write them in special directories: documents, incoming mails, outgoing mails. This division facilitates the management of documents and accelerate the search process the information you need.
GalaxyDMS also has a built-in groupware (called a workflow), ie the possibility to define the stages of the document work for specific users, including any time necessary for its implementation.
* Central storage of documents.
* Intelligent, fast document capture, search, and retrieval.
* Reducing the cost of storing documents.
* Significant reduction in paperless. Document once entered into the system is available to authorized users at once. There is no need to copy it many times, and provide authorized persons.
* Increased employee productivity.
* Improve customer service responsiveness.
* NInstant access to documents.
* The mechanism of group work (workflow).
* Low startup costs.
* Intuitive and flexible way of organizing documents into folders.
* Document card - view basic information about the document such as indexed fields, folder, attached files etc.
* Public and private folders, allowing you to easily share documents.
* Intuitive move documents between folders, rename files and directories.
* Possibility to limit your search to selected folders.
* Advanced search foe documents according to many criteria: author, theme, date, folder, classification etc.
* Secure documents from unauthorized access and modification.
* Setting access to document for each user.
* Easy to setup, administer, and support.
* Simple setup & administration.
* Rapid network-friendly installation.
* Scalable deployment.
* Minimal IT staff training.
* Minimal end-user training.
* Fast Account creation for large organizations.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:17 September, 2012



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Platform: Macintosh

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