MySQL based radio player. Fusic is a play-out system (written in MFC C++) that uses a MySQL database for show information. Users can create a show on a web interface and create cart walls, playlists etc over the web. When they come into the studio they can log in (via LDAP) and interface with the show that they created. This allows much more flexibility such as users being able to upload their own songs to be able to play in the studio and not have to worry about brining in an iPod which may work incorrectly. There are three main components to Fusic, the authentication section, the carts wall and the main play-out system.Fusic Features:
1. A cart wall featuring up to 320 carts for each user.
2. Auto sweeper queuing, will play a sweeper just before an intro time that has been set on a track.
3. Auto-DJ function that will automatically select tracks, sweepers and jingles to play periodically.
4. Tiny fingerprint, less than 20 MB for the installer.The Authentication mechanism for Fusic is simple. When a user attempts to log in, the software connects to the specified LDAP server and attempts to bind as the user. If at this point the bind is unsuccessful then the user is show an "Incorrect user ID or password" dialog. If successful, the software continues to check if the user is a member of one of the specified user access groups. If the user can not be found they are shown an "access denied" dialog, otherwise the software continues to show the "show selection" dialog, which allows the user to load up a show if they are a member of more than one (the default Fuse FM (show ID 0) is always shown here). After that the software continues to load up the specified show.The carts wall allows a user to quickly access carts that have been configured in the web interface. The screen is split in two, with a set of Fuse carts at the top (these are loaded every time for each show). The bottom section is where the user's own carts are loaded. Each section has space for 20 individual carts per page, and for each section there are a total number of 8 pages allowing a total number of 160 carts. Each cart button has it's own colour title and duration time. once a carts is clicked and it starts playing, it highlights a flashing red colour and the timer begins to count down the time remaining. If the user moves onto a different cart page whilst there is a jingle still playing then the page number button begins to flash, alerting the user that there is still a jingle playing on that page.Requirements:
* MySQL database

Published By:fusic.sourceforge.net

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:04 August, 2012

Version:0.8.4 Alpha



Size:3.4 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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