File Carver is a software for editing binary data files that follow an arbitrary format that you specify. File Carver offers a totally new approach to binary file editing, when compared to the traditional use of a hex-editor. When using a hex-editor, you are forced to calculate the offset and the format of the data that you want to change, which, at times, can be nearly impossible (depending on the file format). On the other hand, with File Carver, you simply specify the format of the file prior to opening it, using an XML definition file, and you are automagically presented with a complete graphical user interface to edit the file.
Traditionally, binary file formats have had the disadvantage that they were difficult to edit without custom-made programs that took a lot of man-hours to create. In contrast, textual files such as XML do not require anything more than a text editor to modify, but are burdened with their signficantly increased file size, and much slower loading times (since XML has to be parsed) when compared to binary file equivalents.
With File Carver, you can have the best of both worlds. Your files will be regular binary files, and thus will take little space and load quickly, while being easy to edit with File Carver (once you define their format in some simple XML).
With the File Carver Demo, you may define as many file formats as you like, and open an unlimited number of files for viewing. This is useful if you just want to see the values stored in a file. However, editing and saving files, as well as creating new ones are features that are not available in the demo.
List of Features:
Cross platform: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Builds rich user interfaces for editing files.
Big-endian and little-endian versions of data types.
Unsigned and fixed versions of byte, short, int, long.
Terminated strings and padded strings.
Strings whose length is specified by other fields.
Strings in various text encodings.
Arrays of fixed and variable length.
Arrays whose length is specified by other fields.
Nested arrays, parallel arrays, remainder arrays.
Flag fields with each bit corresponding to a checkbox.
List and combo display types for enumerated values.
Conditional existence for fields using JavaScript.
Calculated fields and JavaScript onupdate events.
Powerful search and replace, including Regex support.
Edit file sections in separate windows or tabs.
XML format definitions also serve as documentation.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:02 July, 2012



Size:1.1 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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