File System Auditor


File System Auditor allows administrators to audit file access, generate easy-to-understand compliance reports, and create alerts tied to file system events all from a centralized management console. File System Auditor protects sensitive information by reporting attempts to access and modify files and folders, with who did it and when.
Define: Simple GUI selections to select audited tasks
Collect: Event data is centrally stored on an SQL database
Report: Audit usage and generate reports based on detailed criteria
Notify: Configure reports to be generated and emailed in real-time
Organizations looking to validate their security controls, establish they have met compliance requirements or simply monitor file system activity, File System Auditor provides the real-time monitoring of every file system event needed to produce viable, trustworthy and complete reports of user activity.
* Centralized Management
Centrally manage auditing on every file server from one console, with no reboots or interruption. This makes setup faster, provides single-point monitoring of the agent health, and reduces the effort required to establish auditing policies across multiple file servers.
* Real-Time Monitoring
Unlike snapshot-based solutions, File System Auditor is implemented as a file system driver, ensuring it captures every event in the file system. Snapshot-based solutions only capture the sum of changes between snapshots, yielding unreliable reporting data and a lack of change detail.
* Intelligent Auditing
Native file system auditing can yield hundreds of thousands of audit entries to sort through. File System Auditor intelligently monitors file system activity and returns a single entry. Even something as complex as a move (which is comprised of a copy and a delete) shows as a single entry.
* Centralized Storage
All events are centrally stored in an SQL database. This allows organizations to not only maintain a secure audit trail, but answers to questions like "what files has Bob touched today" can be answered with enterprise coverage.
* Simplified Reporting
Auditing reports are quickly and easily built using 6 criteria: Date/Time Range User(s) Event Type(s) Path(s) Process(es) Server(s)
* Permission Change
Auditing Monitor any change to permissions on files and folders. An administrator can setup an alert via email to notify if a certain file or folder gets modified or permissions are changed.
* Clustered Server Support
Clustered servers are automatically detected and treated as one for ease of auditing and reporting.
* Real-Time and Scheduled Notification
Report definitions can be saved and configured to be emailed when events occur, providing security staff with up-to-date information on file system activity.
* Detailed Reporting
Reports contain all information pertinent to the event including: event type, username, date/time, process, and file path involved.
* Exportable Report Data
Reports can be exported to the following formats: RTF, PDF, HTML, XLS, TIF, TXT and RDF.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:04 September, 2012



Size:49.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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