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FDesk e-Publisher can help you to convert a static PDF file into flip page e-edition or photo album in minutes. You can also create a flip album by importing a series of JPG files. Conversion is accomplished by importing a PDF file, converting it, previewing and finalizing it.Conversion section :
This section converts a PDF document to a page-flipping digital edition.
To create a photo album, a series of JPG images with sequential naming can be loadable.
Conversion steps : Open source data -> Convert -> Preview -> Finalize.Quality section :
If the converted page size is bigger than 250 MB, downsizing is recommended for a faster performance on the Internet.
Select necessary pages with Text vectorization and desired image quality factor to reduce the file size.
Text vectorization will convert text blocks into a vector format, while images and illustrations will be saved in compressed JPG format. Quality adjustment is only applicable to PDF conversion, not JPG photo album.Index Maker section :
You can build an index table which is associated with the 'INDEX' button of the FDesk viewer.Building resource library :
Adding a custom logo, backdrop, preloader graphic or MP3 file will copy and save itself into the FDesk e-Publisher resource folders. Any change in the 'Option' menu will be applied immediately, and can be reviewed by the 'Preview' button.Musics and sounds :
Add your favorite music. Good for album production. Six flipping sound clips are included.Graphics :
Make your own project backdrop, publication title logo, preloader, and a backdrop image.
Refer to 'How to : Customization' menu for details.Download file :
Any file format including PDF, EXE, PPT and DOC is downloadable to users.FDesk e-Publisher comes with two FREE e-publishing tickets for your evaluation. One ticket can produce one e-edition with maximum 9,999 pages. You can buy as many as tickets you need, or 6/12-months license for unlimited number of e-publications.Limitations:
* 2-free e-publishing tickets

Flip Book - Page Turn - Turn Page - E-Catalog - E-Paper - E-Book - Photo Album - Flash Paper - Flash Book - Digital Publication - Digital Edition - Flip Ablum

Published By:anypapertoonline.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 August, 2012



Size:9.8 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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