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Excel Super Compare is a super-powerful Excel tools software, it provides a comprehensive and effective security and easy comparison of files, group sum, merge records, add blank rows to record screening the top five functional modules. The use of Excel Super Compare, can effectively help users quickly compare and data sum, to shorten your work time and improve your work efficiency, so that you do not need for cumbersome manual comparison summary and distress, please the most tiring work Super contrast to Excel to do it, it will be the best work of your assistants.Excel Super Compare is an independent running programs, Excel Super Compare also apply to Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system platform, on the Vista run with excellent compatibility and improvement of the function of support. Run required Excel 2007 or Excel 2003 support, Excel super-contrast interface in a comparison of the completion of all work or aggregate, do not need to switch back and forth Excel program.The main features of this product1, arbitrary comparisons Excel worksheet (XLS and XSLX Supported format)Comparison of the entire worksheet, and permit a variety of comparison settings (text, formulas, numerical format; row and column of comparison, keyword of comparison).Comparison table of selected users in any region, and allows a variety of comparison settings (text, formulas, numerical format; row and column of comparison, keyword of comparison).2. Group sum and added Subtotal You can specify group field, a summary of the designated fields Subtotal nested aggregation, and add to the original worksheet, using colors to be distinguished.3. Worksheet connection Two worksheet constituency by the specified field to connect. This function can be specified in the field work of a merger of the two column table, and does not require two working tables in accordance with the order of one-to-one row, procedures specified under the value field automatically match the corresponding row, and then two working table into his row splicing.4. Worksheet add blank rows between the rows On the specified worksheet of between the rows on average add blank rows, you can customize the number of blank rows. 5. Worksheet comparing screening Two worksheet comparing screening, intersection, difference sets, and to filter the results are displayed.. Excel Compare,Excel Tools,Excel Total. Excel Compare,Excel Tools,Excel Merge

Excel Compare - Excel Tools - Excel Merge

Published By:ThreeOnly Development Team

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:09 May, 2011




Size:7.6 MB

Platform: Win XP/2003/2000/Vista

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