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Database designer and query tool. ERD Concepts is a database design and query tool for all major databases. Making a complete and visual attractive Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) becomes a breeze, even for the less experienced users.
ERD Concepts generates complete database scripts, defining meta data with tables, indexes, foreign keys and more, with the help of advanced design features and tools. The program will guide you during your design efforts with easy to follow steps.1. Professional diagramming
ERD Concepts is an ERD tool combining professional diagramming with a light and pleasant user-interface. We carefully studied the packages of other ERD program vendors before creating ERD Concepts and where always astound of the large number of options, switches, rules and other functionality stacked together in one piece of software. Making it almost impossible to learn on the fly without following expensive courses to master the software.2. Make your work as easy as possible
ERD Concepts stands out by it's light user interface but providing all the necessary tools you need to create a professional and advanced ERD diagram. Following the standard windows GUI guidelines ERD Concepts contains a complete WYSIWYG design environment with many additional tools to make your work as easy as possible.3. Advanced reverse engineering software
With ERD Concepts you can connect to almost any available database on the market today using ODBC and ADO connections. Using the advanced reverse engineering program you can create a new ERD diagram from an existing database. Importing an Ms Access database into a MySQL or PostgreSQL ERD design? The included reverse engineering feature makes it all possible. You can also compare your current diagram with an online database. ERD Concepts includes full schema support.4. Live database access
ERD Concepts combines ERD design with live database access to query or maintain an already developed database. You can query or manually alter your database while in the design environment. This is done with our strong query tool: The "Execute SQL" feature. Execute SQL supports transactions and batch statement parsing and includes history support to keep track of already executed statements. Again with an easy to master user interface.ERD Concepts (formerly Happy Fish) Features:
1. WYSIWYG designer
2. Database schema support
3. Sub diagram support
4. Unlimited number of tables and foreign keys
5. Support for Indexes, constraints, and triggers
6. Support for domains, views, and routines
7. Live database access using ADO/ODBC connections
8. Reverse Engineering of an existing database
9. Comparing models with an existing database
10. Report generation in HTML format
11. Various view/display levels
12. XML based file format
13. Easy printing over multiple pages with preview mode
14. Easy and quick navigation with the model object browser
15. DBMS Translation (Switch target DBMS, using your own data type mapping)Supported Database Systems
* Oracle
* Firebird
* Microsoft SQL Server
* PostgreSQL
* Microsoft Access
* IBM DB2 Universal database
* Max DB
* Informix Dynamic Server
* InterbaseLimitations:
* Copyright watermarks during printing.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:24 June, 2012



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Platform: Macintosh

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