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Easy Peasy Passwords is an easy-to-use password manager and personal data store with encrypted printout. There are two versions, one for regular hard disk installation and one for pen drives. The pen drive version can be installed to a regular hard disk but requires write access to the software folder which can't always be guaranteed, particularly on networked systems.When it comes to securing your passwords, paranoia is a good thing. With industrial strength 128 bit AES encryption, Easy Peasy Passwords? can keep your sensitive passwords, pin numbers, names and addresses stored away from prying eyes. Security is one thing you can't afford to 'do tomorrow'.If you're evaluating password storage software, make absolutely sure it uses the 128 bit AES encryption standard adopted by governments world wide. Don't trust your data to anything less.Easy Peasy Passwords isn't just another password program. It's a secure personal data store. All those vital bits of information you need, names addresses, phone numbers, notes etc., can all be stored in Easy Peasy Passwords, you choose which are hidden from view and they're all securely locked away using a single password.Easy Peasy Passwords Features:
Run the software from most common storage devices, hard disk, CDs, zip drives, USB pen drives (it's too big for a floppy drive) etc.
There's a special version for running from removable storage such as USB drives. A single license allows you to install either.
Selectively print table data with column data encrypted that you choose.
Data fields for: Web Site, Description, User Name, Password, PIN, Email, Serial No, Notes, Full Name, Phone, Mobile, Address1, Address2, Town, Province and ZIP.
Tools for encrypting and decrypting text manually.
Set an inactivity time out.
Store passwords, addresses, emails notes, just about anything you need in fact.
Hide from view just what you need on a column by column basis.
Underlying data is randomly encrypted while in use.
Double click email and web address fields to launch browsers and email programs.
Copy formatted name and address to the clipboard.
For an extra 50USD custom builds with more or less user defined headers can be provided although there is no upgrade path for custom builds, you have to re purchase.
Everything you need in one easy-to-use, secure, flexible and comprehensive package.

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Published By:easy-peasy-passwords.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:07 October, 2012



Size:1.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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