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DriverGuide Toolkit identifies and lists drivers installed on your computer and, when connected to the Internet, allows you to search (and other sources) for driver updates and manufacturer sites. In addition, it allows you to backup your currently installed drivers for safe keeping. Backing up your Windows driver files means that they will be available to you the next time you need to reinstall the driver or the whole operating system. DriverGuide Toolkit places the driver files in one organized location of your choosing.DriverGuide Toolkit is especially helpful in situations where you have a computer in your possession and the internal hardware is unknown. DriverGuide Toolkit can identify the hardware on the system and the associated drivers, back them up to a specified location, and find the latest driver updates for them. DriverGude Toolkit is even network compatible - you can just as easily connect to a remote computer on your network, backup drivers, and find updates!As a thanks to our members we are now distributing this as shareware with many valuable features that are yours for free, regardless of whether you decide to buy a copy! So give it a try, we're sure you'll use it again and again. DriverGuide Toolkit Features Free Mode Registered ModeView Installed Drivers/Devices View Installed Drivers/DevicesDetailed System Information Detailed System InformationIdentify Unknown Devices Identify Unknown DevicesDriverGuide Keyword Search DriverGuide Keyword Search... Find Driver Updates!... Access 400,000+ drivers!... Access 3,000+ manufacturers!... Research Device Manufacturer... Backup & Restore Drivers... Compare Installed & Backed-Up Drivers... Remotely analyze devices/drivers of computers on your network.... Automatically checks for Program Updates... and much more!Upgrade to get all the features! DriverGuide Toolkit Solves Most Common Device Driver Problems Common Driver Problem DriverGuide Toolkit SolutionLost or missing driver Lost or missing drivers is a common problem. With DriverGuide Toolkit this problem is eliminated, because it backs up your drivers to a specified location. If you should lose your driver disk, or experience a disk crash, your driver is always available to reinstall.Upgrading to a new operating system When you perform an operating system upgrade, any drivers you installed will not be preserved. It is essential that you back up your current drivers before doing an upgrade. DriverGuide ToolKit allows you to do this with one click of the mouse.Need the latest driver update for your device DriverGuide Toolkit is the best tool available for finding driver updates, hands down. It uses detailed information about your device to search - the Web's largest driver site - for matching drivers. And if that weren't enough, it also allows you to perform driver searches on the other driver websites, in order to maximize your chances of success. If you ever search for drivers, this is an essential tool.Need to identify an unknown device You may have unknown devices in Device Manager (yellow question mark). DriverGuide Toolkit will extract detailed information about the device and attempt to figure out what the device is. It will also allow you to find driver updates for it!Hardware device is not working properly You have a device that is not working up to itls full potential, or is missing features. In those cases, a corrupt or poor driver may be the problem. You should find a driver update, but not before backing up your current one. DriverGuide Toolkit allows you to both backup your drivers, and search for updates, with just a few mouse clicks.Software is not working properly Do you have a new game that does not work properly? A corrupt or poor graphics or sound driver may be the problem. You should find a driver update, but not before backing up your current one. DriverGuide Toolkit allows you to both backup your drivers, and search for updates.Don't know your device manufacturer Sometimes the company listed on the device is not the manufacturer who built the device. If you are having trouble determining the company, DriverGuide Toolkit can help. DriverGuide Toolkit examines internal information about the device and uses its's extensive database of manufacturer relationships to figure out the true manufacturer.Can't find your manufacturer's web site DriverGuide Toolkit uses internal information about your device to determine the correct manufacturer and website. If the manufacturer website is no longer available, DriverGuide Toolkit can be used to search the archive - the largest on the web - as well as other leading driver resources for driver updates.Device's manufacturer is out of business If the manufacturer website is no longer available, DriverGuide Toolkit will usually know. DriverGuide Toolkit can be used to search the archive - the largest on the web - as well as other leading driver resources for driver updates. maintains a massive archive of drivers for companies that have gone out of business.Need to manage drivers on multiple computers DriverGude Toolkit is network compatible. This means you can easily connect to a remote computer on your network, backup its drivers, and find updates for it.Need to know what drivers you have DriverGuide Toolkit identifies and lists drivers installed on your computer. You can select any driver to display detailed, useful information about it.Confused about drivers and need a simple solution DriverGuide Toolkit provides a simple four step process to finding the correct driver. Following these steps almost always results in finding the best possible driver for your needs. There's no need to be a technical guru to use this tool.Your computer is not on the internet Often the computer you need to support is not on-line. DriverGuide Toolkit was desigend with that in mind. You simply load DriverGuide Toolkit onto the desired computer, backup the driver(s) you wish to support, take those drivers to an on-line computer with DriverGuide Toolkit installed, and let it search for updates. It's that simple.Can't find a driver update anywhere This is when DriverGuide Toolkit is at its best! DriverGuide Toolkit searches the best driver sources for updates to your specific drivers. It is by far the best tool available for finding hard to find drivers.Found a driver, but not sure if it's compatible Driver updates returned by DriverGuide Toolkit from are almost always compatible because the tool uses detailed driver information to find matches. The matching algorithim is sophisticated, and usually returns the most compatible drivers available. It really takes the guesswork out of finding the right driver.Need information about your computer configuration With a click of a button, DriverGuide Toolkit provides you with detailed information about your computer including a complete, detailed system summary, hardware resources, components, software status, and much much more useful information.. - DriverGuide Toolkit.

Published By:JerMar Software

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:15 June, 2011




Size:4.9 MB

Platform: Win 98/2000/2003/XP

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