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Disk Triage will size and analyze your directory space in one pass. It provides access to the gathered data via TreeView, Graphs and Reports and offers the capability to export to Excel, Graphic Files and XML files. Analysis abilities allow you to breakdown by File size, attribute, dates, times, extension, owner and registered file type - as well as the largest and oldest files. You can specify color schemes based on certain criteria The software will also gather and display NTFS directory and file permissions. In addition, Disk Triage comes with a batch for automation, network support, printing and more. Many outstanding features, but interface usability could use improvements.Disk Triage is the best disk space management tool on the market for LAN administrators and power users. It provides all the information you will ever need about your disk space. It answers the following age old questions:
Disk Triage has more ways of looking at your disk space then any other tool. Disk Triage offers a tree view that provides break downs by Size, Files, Directory Count, Percentages, Wasted Space, Actual Space Used, Date Last Created/Modified/Access and Activity. It also provides analysis breakdowns by File Size, Attributes, Dates, Times, File Extension, File Type, File Owner and Top '10' lists.As well as the raw data, Disk Triage also provides Graphs for almost all the information. For each analysis we provide graphs for the break down both by Size and by number of Files. It is the only way to get the complete picture of your disk space!As well as all the standard type features we also provide some truly unique features. The capability to gather and report on the NTFS Permissions, save sizing information to XML and Database, Compare Scans - between two dates and show where they have changed, charting multiple scans showing growth over time - and the capability to take actions on a list of files - such as NTFS compressing them, move, copy, delete, etc.While there are other tools out there that allow you to do simple disk space management - none of them give you all the information and power that Disk Triage does.The following are the main features of Disk Triage. Click on the highlighted items to see more detail on that particular feature.
1. Quick & Customizable Sizing & Analysis
Size your entire directory structure (or drive) in one pass. You simple choose the directory/drive you want to analyze and it quickly gathers the data for your analysis.
Specify which files you want to include in the sizing using the Selection screen. Create queries like 'Include all files that end in *.mp3 where the file is over 20 days old, over 2 MB in size, has its Read Only attribute set, and is owned by John Doe'2. Gather Statistics by Directory
Ability to gather the statistics (by Size, Owner, Attribute, etc) by directory rather than once for the entire sizing.
This means that all open graphs and charts are updated immediately as the user changes directory in the tree.3. Multi Scan Charting
Ability to quickly create a line chart from multiple scans for any directory or analysis category.
This is a very strong feature allowing you to quickly see how your disk space is changing - and provides the information you need4. Visual Sizing Comparison
A utility that allows you to visually compare two sizings saved to the database. This will allow you to see Growth over Time!
You can compare not only the changes in the directory tree, but changes in file types, file owners, and other analysis types.
File Search & Action Search and create a list of files - that you can then take actions upon, such as Delete, Copy, Move, Compress, Take Ownership, etc.
Very strong tool for file management and regulatory and privacy issues5. Consolidated Scanning
Scan multiple different directory structures and view the combined results. This allows you to get the complete storage picture for your server, NAS and/or SAN.6. FTP Scanning
Disk Triage can scan any FTP server and analyze it as if it was normal local disk space.7. Graphs
Provides various graphs (Pie & Bar) to give you a visual picture of the sizing data. All of which can be printed or exported to file/clipboard
The primary Graph is active, allowing you to drill down/up the directory structure by clicking on the graph
Allows customization to the various Graphs

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