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Works with Outlook 2007 and Vista!Sending files via email was easy years ago when attachments were small in size. Today, the files we send are very large. We send all types of digital media and rich text documents. In order to keep network bandwidth and server storage minimized, most modern email servers limit the maximum file attachment to a certain reasonable size. In addition, many email servers reject files in their common native formats such as Microsoft Office documents, executables, and picture files due to fear of virus infections. DirectXchange safely transmits large files via email all in the convenience of Microsoft Outlook.How DirectXchange WorksDirectXchange safely sends large files by automating the most common technique for transporting large files via email, compressing and splitting. From within Outlook itself, DirectXchange loads a large file, compresses it into a zip archive. It then splits the archive into multiple pieces and attaches each piece to a separate email message. It then transmits these messages as standard mail messages to the recipient. The size of the individual messages is completely under your control.For example, lets say you wish to send a 100MB CAD file to a vendor. DirectXchange can compress the CAD file to 60 MB, then split the zip archive into 10 - 6 MB pieces, attaching each piece to an email message.On the recipient end, they will receive 10 email messages each with a 6 MB attachment. If the recipient also has DirectXchange installed, they simply click one of the messages and instruct DirectXchange to extract. DirectXchange will find all the pieces and assemble them into the original archive, decompress the archive and present the original 100 MB CAD file for saving. It's that easy!So what if the recipient does not have DirectXchange or even Outlook? No problem, the recipient can simply extract each separate attachment to a folder on his/her hard drive, then open the archive with our free standalone extractor, or they can use a compression tool such as WinZip« or WinRAR&reg.Benefits & Features * Send files via email easily without worrying about attachment sizes. * Protect your files with encryption so that only the intended recipient can view them. DirectXchange uses industry standard AES encryption. * Your files are transferred directly from your desktop to your recipients desktop without an intermediate drop off site. * Exchange files easily with your work and home computers via Outlook. * Send files to recipients with any type of email client. * Built-in compression for seamless operation. * Integrates directly with Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003. DirectXchange runs when Outlook is active, there is no additional programs to run or manage. * Free standalone extractor program for users recipients that do not have Outlook.. .

Published By:Pergenex Software

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 January, 2011




Size:3.3 MB

Platform: Win 2000/NT 3.x/XP

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