DataProbe is an software designed to allow the end user to view a hexadecimal representation of the bytes in a file or on a disk. The software uses a tabbed multiple document interface to allow the user to view and navigate through the file contents.DataProbe can be used to examine the contents of any file on any media that is directly available to the user. The software can also provide the same representation of data through direct reads of media. Each tab provides two input fields for the user to set the position to start the read and the amount of data to read and display. For files, the values are in bytes, and for disks, the values are in allocation units (clusters). All values are in hexadecimal.
For each tab, the user can save the displayed value as a text file by selecting the Save As option on the File menu. The user can also view some of the system properties associated with the file or volume.Key Benefits
* Allows the user to view 'raw' data on the disk, either by file or volume.
* Extensive properties windows that describe the data being examined.
* Supports Drag/Drop and command line parameters.Limitations:
DataProbe free trial version limits the number of bytes to four (4) megabytes, or 4,194,304 bytes. The only other limitation is the trial time period of unlicensed copies.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:21 September, 2012



Size:14.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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