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It helps import complex business Excel and CSV spreadsheets into the SSIS pipeline. It converts the input spreadsheets into structured normalized data output which is pumped directly into the SSIS data flow pipeline. DataDefractor SSIS integrates with SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio.View DataDefractor SSIS demo The following diagram demonstrates the execution workflow of an SSIS package which uses the DataDefractor SSIS data flow component:DataDefractor - How it works 1. DataDefractor SSIS uses a standard SSIS connection manager to connect to one or more sample spreadsheets. 2. In design-time, the SSIS developre uses DataDefractor Mapping Wizard to define a dimensional model and a data mapping schema based on the sample set of worksheets. During run-time DataDefractor SSIS uses this schema to parse and convert the input spreadsheets into a structured data model which is pumped directly into the SSIS output pipeline in the form of a star schema. At this point, the output can be transformed, mapped to existing data structures, used to create new data marts or be appended to existing data warehouse schemas using standard SSIS data flow transformation and destination components.Additional DataDefractor SSIS features include: * 64-bit platform support Unlike the standard Excel SSIS source, DataDefractor SSIS was specifically designed to support the 64-bit edition of SSIS. * Support for the new Excel 2007 format DataDefractor SSIS extracts data from the new Excel 2007 OpenXML format by using direct XML-package access. * Support for Excel 2000-2003 binary format DataDefractor SSIS performs low level BIFF read to access the bynary Excel file format. It does not need legacy ISAM drivers or Excel components to be installed on the target machine. * Advanced Excel formatting options DataDefractor SSIS provides a wide variety of options to interpret Excel formatting. It resolves the formatting issues associated with the standard SSIS Excel data flow source.. DataDefractor - convert complex Excel spreadsheets into structured data ready to be loaded or imported into any data warehouse through SSIS or any other ETL tool. DataDefractor is a visual data mapping and processing tool designed to automate the transformation of complex Excel and CSV spreadsheets into structured data delivered in a form suitable for loading into any data visualization application, data warehouse, OLAP cube or any Business Intelligence system.

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Published By:Interactive Edge

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:07 April, 2011

Version:1.1 SR-7



Size:4.7 MB

Platform: Win Vista/2000/2003/XP

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