Data Moving Tool (DMT)


Data Moving Tool (DMT) is a micro ETL to Extract, Transform, Load and Schedule data across any data sources. It Extracts, Transforms, Loads and Schedules data across any data source. No need for dedicated database tools. With DMT (Data Moving Tool) youll be able to easily migrate your data and schedule the jobs in no time.Data Moving Tool (DMT) Features:
Data Extraction Features
1. Extract data from virtually any database
2. Use your own SQL statements to control extracted data
3. Generate data files in different formats
4. Run extracts on demand at any time
5. Unlimited number of extracted rows
6. Run extracts automatically via scheduler
7. Support Pre-Conditions and Pre/Post ProcessesData Load Features
1. Load data into virtually any database
2. Load data files in various format
3. Link loads to extracts
4. Data filtering (load conditions)
5. Load data into multiple tables using UK and FK
6. Run loads on demand at any time
7. Unlimited number of loaded rows
8. Run loads automatically via scheduler
9. Support Pre-Conditions and Pre/Post ProcessesData Transformation Features
1. DMT Transformations (performed by DMT independently from the target database)
2. Database transformations (performed by the target database via its dedicated functions)Scheduler Features
1. Run extracts and loads Continually, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
2. Begin and End date/time, max num of runs, run at specific time
3. Run on specific days or months
4. Advanced feature: Run every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or last Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun of the month
5. Advanced features: Run every last Day of the monthRun Pre-Conditions Features
1. Check the return of any SQL query before running extracts or loads
2. Check the presence and/or content of a file before running extracts or loadsPre & Post Processes Features
1. Execute SQL statements or stored procedures before or after extracts or loads
2. Execute a command line before or after extracts or loadsMiscellaneous Features
1. Organize extracts and loads into groups and jobs
2. Run Variables usable almost anywhere (e.g. insert runtime information in a log table)
3. Expression editor/evaluator to facilitate editing/testing of complex load expressions
4. Detailed customizable logs with Errors, Warnings, Run Events
5. Powerful scheduler (windows service running in the background)Please Note: You need to apply for a trial key on this page in order to use the software.Requirements:
* NET framework
* load and extract 1000 rows only

Etl - Data Moving - Export Data - Load Data - Transfer Data - Data Transformation - Odbc - Scheduler - Data Consolidation - Data Migration - Data Backup - Database - Oracle - Sql Server - Ms Access - Db2 - Sybase


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:05 August, 2012



Size:1.8 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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