Smart instructors already know that the better interaction between your students, the better the learning experience for everyone. With just their web browser, students use CourseForum to get answers to questions, dig deeper into issues, and work on projects at any time and from anywhere, not just when classes meet. CourseForum is web-based e-learning software that makes it easy for you and your students to interact, whether to create, post, share or discuss course content. Students can help each other to learn more effectively, enhance course materials, and save you time answering routine questions. Today's educational tools are harder to setup, more admin-heavy, and more complex to use than ever. CourseForum gives you a painless, straightforward and flexible web-based solution for posting and sharing course materials, class discussions, and student collaboration.Designed for today's online and face-to-face courses, CourseForum is easier to use and more interactive than conventional forum software. You and your students can use it to create, share and talk about lecture notes, Q&A, discussion topics, research, student portfolios, group projects and more.Get started in minutes. You can be running your own CourseForum server for your class with a quick download and a double-click - no complicated setup required! The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.Easy for everyone to use. With an easy web-browser based interface, you and your students will be able to quickly create, read and contribute to class discussions.Powerful and accountable. All the features you need for discussions, group projects, lesson plans, student projects, all organized the way you want them to be. And you can easily track all student contributions and activity.. ProjectForum and CourseForum: Wiki collaboration server software, download or hosted.. ProjectForum is professional wiki collaboration server software for workgroups. Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use, it is available hosted or easily installed on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

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Published By:CourseForum Technologies

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:01 June, 2011




Size:2.6 MB

Platform: Win XP/2003/2000/Vista

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ProjectForum provides a professional and easy-to-use web-based focus for your team's work and collaboration. Its flexible wiki-style forums fill the gap between the scattered flurry of email and the time and expense of meetings or teleconferences.

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthorCourseForum Technologies

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CategoryAccounting & Finance

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