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Employee computer monitoring software is the most stable and dependable software to track and monitor internet and computer activities of an employee. With computer monitoring software, you can secretly monitor employee computer system over a network and view LIVE Desktop Activities. Software displays desktop screens of other systems on your computer system. You can view every ongoing activity and trace internet and computer desktop activities of the employees. Employee computer monitoring records everything which is done by an employee on his/her computer desktop: programs and windows launched, visited sites, sent and received emails, chats, instant messages, running software titles, online typed keystrokes and much more. You can record and save the monitored activities and view them with Windows Media Player. The feature which makes the computer monitoring software more powerful is its ability to capture, record and save screen shots of user activities which can be viewed later on as a movie with Windows Media Player. The monitoring process work in invisible mode without any technical problems in the user system. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, computer monitoring software enables you to send messages and notifications over network to stop any ongoing activity. Key features of the monitoring software are; helps to keep check on employee activities over internet, record and save monitored activities and view them afterwards in a movie format with Windows Media Player, gain complete control over the monitored system by locking, shut down, log off, restart, execute to start screen saver and change wallpaper, helps to prevent transfer of important documents through emails, and prevents unauthorized use of internet access. Free trial version of the employee monitoring software is available for 07 days trial which monitors 1 computer system. Purchase full version starting from $ 129 and monitor n number of employees.. Data Recovery Software | Disk Recovery | Hard Drive Recovery software by Chily Softech.

Published By:Chily Softech

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:25 April, 2011




Size:4.6 MB

Platform: Win Vista/2000/2003

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See LIVE what your employees are doing on their computer View LIVE Desktop Activities Increase Work Efficiency Track and Monitor when you are not Present View and Save typed Keystrokes View Internet Activities, Chat Logs, FTP Activities, Window Activ

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthorChily Softech

Size:4.6 MB



PlatformWin Vista/2000/2003

CategoryRemote Access

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Computer Monitoring Software

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Computer Monitoring Software

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Computer Monitoring Software

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