Colock Copy Protection

Colock Copy Protection

Colock is one of the most powerful software-based copy protection locks available today. This lock uses Activation Codes during the process of software registration. By adding just one line of code to the source code of your program (written in any programming language which is capable of supporting DLL function calls), you can use the power of the Colock copy protection system.. Pishgamsoft Home Page, Colock (copy protection and software lock), Taktaz Dictionary, .... Pishgamsoft Home Page, a software company developing special and general software packages like Colock copy protection and software registration package, PIPC for managing distribution of Internet service accounts, Taktaz dictionary, a multilingual dictionary with advanced options and a complete set of words and definitions, TOP CD, a collection maker for creating any kind of collection in a standard format and structure and ....

Colock - Copy Protection - Software Registration - Illegal Copy - Software Piracy - License - Pipc - Isp - Collection Maker - Taktaz - Minitaktaz - Dictionary - English - Farsi - Persian - Iran - Tehran

Published By:Pishgamsoft

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:05 February, 2011




Size:7.7 MB

Platform: Win2000 , Win98 , WinServer , WinVista

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