ChesseR is an application that allows you to play correspondence chess with anyone that has an email address.Visually the chess board is very easy to look at. The chess pieces are not all cluttered together as I have seen with other programs. This is important for tough moves that require you to study the board.There is an optional "piece trail" feature that displays legal moves for a piece when the mouse cursor is placed over it. The chess board can be resized.A neat feature is the use of color tinting. This allows you to change the color of an item, yet retain its shading. All the colors of the "ChesseR Desktop" can be "tinted" to your liking.Current game information is in plain view listing total moves, game length (in days), last move, captured pieces and so on.You can send and receive moves directly with your email account or simply cut and paste your moves from your email application. A POP3 email account is NOT required to use this program. A message to your foe can be sent along with your move if you wish.This is a blue jeans program for people that want to play a nice game of chess with their friends. No time limit on moves. Just bat your moves back and forth till someone wins.. Ponder Labs Home.

Published By:Ponder Labs

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:23 March, 2011




Size:1.2 MB

Platform: Win 95/98/ME/XP/2000

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AuthorPonder Labs

Size:1.9 MB



PlatformWindows All


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