Char Menu

Char Menu

Thousands of characters at the tip of your mouse

Any font contains thousands of characters, easy to find and use with Char Menu. Click the little grey box in the corner of the screen or press Ctrl-Alt, and a window pops up with over 300 Unicode pages at your disposal to pick from, at a size sufficient to really see how they look.

Click on any character, and it is sent to the current application like if it was typed on the keyboard. At the same time, it is copied to the clipboard.

Char Menu is available to all applications, for instance Photoshop, where one may like to display characters not available from the keyboard.

Char Menu lets you pick any font available in the system to see how a particular character will look.

Select any of the 300+ Unicode pages in an instant, switching between accented
characters, languages, symbols, emojis, dingbats.

One can also scroll through the available characters, or go page by page with left and right arrows.

Char Menu is a superb asset to enter foreign languages words without having to
switch keyboard layouts. Just select the language page, and if the font contains
characters for it, they will be displayed. Then just click the word in.

Unlike the built in systems that require double click, a single click sends the character directly to the app currently selected.

So without any special setting, you can click in sentences in Arabic, Armenian, Corean, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, for instance. Even antique languages (you may need the fonts).

Fonts generally contain semi graphics to create frames, lines, grey or black blocks, which can be used for all sorts of interesting effects.

Even in pure and plain English text, it is nice to pick just the right kind of dot, just the right kind of em dash, or that special character that the regular keyboard does not provide.

Think of Char Menu as a virtual keyboard on steroids.

Characters - Fonts - Character Table - Virtual Keyboard - Unicode

Published By:Match Software

License Type:Demo

Date Added:27 July, 2016




Size:20.1 MB

Platform: Windows , Windows 8 , Win2000 , WinOther

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