cBlaster (Android Device)

cBlaster (Android Device)

5 Stars

cBlaster is the best Cell Phone Surveillance Software
cBlaster provides:
1) Monitor child / Employee communication
2) Ensure security and location
3) Corporate Reporting Available
4) Remote Server to handle requests

With cBlaster, You'll see:

1) SMS/Text Message Get details of text message conversations - every word that was typed on both sides of the conversation. You will also get Date, Time and Contact Name and Number of both parties.
2) Web History/BBMReview every website or Blackberry Messages (BBMs) of your child or employee. Find out if your children are visiting inappropriate websites and how frequently they are visited.
3) locationFind out where your kids are and when they were there by using the GPS or cell site location of the phone. cBlaster will send you details such as Time and GPS co-ordintes which can be views on an inbuilt mapping software on the control panel.
4) Voice Call Log See who your child called and who is calling them and for how long they talked. cBlaster get you complete voice call log details such as Incoming / Outgoing Call time, duration, name and number of contact with whom the conversation took place.
5) Remote Control for parents and employers Remotely start / stop or kill the application or send it commands to manage individual service. cBlaster will also enable you to get information of the target device such as Battery Level, temperature of device and Network information.
6) Get Photos clicked on your child's Camera Get copies of any and alls photo or image taken with your childs phone camera. cBlaster will retrieve all photos stored in the device and email them to you. You can view them at anytime since they are sitting in your Inbox along with the image name and preview.

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Published By:RedBrickSecurity

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:11 May, 2013




Size:38.0 KB

Platform: Windows CE , WinMobile , Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 , Win7 x32

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