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Currently, there are five tools included in this release, they are: * .NET Resource Editor - Creates and manages the .NET resource files visually; * Regular Expression Checker - Manages and tests your useful regular expressions interactively; * Thumbnail Image Maker - Creates thumbnail images for your web applications quickly and easily; * GUID Generator - Generates a GUID in lowercase or uppercase; * RSA Key Generator - Generates the public and private key pair for RSA algorithm;FeaturesThe following are the key features for the tools..NET Resource Editor * Create and manage resource files in a GUI environment; * Support the .NET resource hierarchy Microsoft advised, i.e, language-natural resource and language-specific resource; * Add and remove text resource; * Add and remove image resoure; * Search and replace a keyword in the resource file; * etc.Regular Expression Checker * Manage all your collected regular expressions in a repository; * Validate regular expression in two modes: true-or-false test and search test. true-or-false test: validate the target matchs the regular expression or not; search test: Find and extract all matches in the target. * Searcha specific regular expression in the repository; * etc.Thumbnail Image Maker * Create a thumbnail image for a big image by defining the width and height; * Quick Create thumbnail images for a bundle of images in a same folder; * etc.GUID Generator * Creates a GUID in lowercase or uppercase; * Supports for copying the result to the clipboard;RSA Key Generator * Generates the public / private key pair for RSA algorithm; * Saves keys into XML files;. Products - Canaware.

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Date Added:20 January, 2011




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Platform: Win XP/2003/2000/Vista/Server 2008

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