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Would you like to try yourself in the role of a manager in the just opened cafe? Do you want to become a professional in this business and make this cafe the best one? Excellent! You can start your work right now!
In order to achieve these purposes, you will need skill, knack, attention and capability to serve your visitors quickly. Each order consists of one or more components depending on the assortment of products which you will be able to offer your visitors. You will need to prepare a cake, make a coffee and bring an ice-cream quickly. Besides there can be other items to prepare. The faster you will fulfill the order, the more tips the grateful customer will leave you.
The earned money can be spent on purchase of upgrades for the cafe. They will make its class higher and the cafe will become more popular. This will surely have a positive effect on your earnings. But if you will have a bad mood, the visitors will be less patient while waiting for their orders and there will appear a risk of staying without tips at all. However, there is a simple way to improve your mood! Just start building your own house and then you will greet each visitor with a smile.
Try different strategies for passing this game. In fact, you can raise the cafe's class to the highest and only then devote your time to the building of a house, or you can do vice versa. Another way is to find the golden mean and achieve your aim in a relatively short period of time. The choice is yours.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:10 August, 2012



Size:12.4 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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