Cadent Wine Cellar


A wine cellar inventory system. Cadent Wine Cellar provides a unique software for storing, viewing and retrieving information about your wine collection. This strong software enables you to not only store and retrieve information about your collection, but to view your collection as a hierarchical chart, as a list, and as thumbnail pictures, all categorized through selectors chosen by you.Cadent Wine Cellar Features:
1. Three views of your wine information: thumbnail view, list view, and hierarchical browser view; each reflective of the other.
2. An interactive, hierarchical browser built from selectors chosen by you.
3. Ability to search and retrieve information using multiple selectors to narrow your search (e.g. Search by country, varietal AND vineyard).
4. Ability to store photos of wine labels in the database.
5. Can quickly generate a "buy list" for your next trip to the wine store.
6. Provides a way to quickly determine which wines are drinkable or have expired.
7. Stores your entire collection in a single file which is portable to other computers.
8. Ability to provide the location where each wine is stored.
9. Program does not require an internet connection.
10. With an internet connection, you can use a "Research" button to find more information on the web for any given wine.
11. Can store up to 2000 wine entries (100 during the 30-day trial).
12. Can sync up to 500 wines to the cloud over a secure connection.
13. Wines synchronized to the cloud can be accessed using either a standard web site or a mobile device web site. Both are secure https sites.Limitations:
* 30 days trial
* Can store up to 100 wine entries during the trial

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:18 October, 2012



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Platform: Macintosh

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