Send all supported files from your mobile phone to PC, without any action on PC side. Automaticaly files receiving & saving. Minimum user interaction needed when sending from PC to phone. Possible way: drag-drop file into selected zone. Special function for user that own PDA device. PocketPC software will work with desktop as one. Simply order files from your desktop folder, and have them on your pocketPC, into predefined folder.Starting the Program
1. Need Microsoft Framework 2.0 (or later)
2. Install BluEasy server (PC version)
3. Connect bluetooth dongle (Microsoft stack) to PC
4. Run BluEasy
5. Check if you started bluetooth on your mobile phone
6. Click My device-Not set yet
7. Find your mobile phone
8. Was it a success?BluEasy Features:
1. Supported phones:
Any with Bluetooth available (including PDA, pc-s,...)2. Connection types:
Bluetooth dongles with Microsoft working drivers only!3. My device:
First you must set your default device (that will receive files)4. Receiving:
Receive files from your only, or all devices in range!5. Sending:
Send files to your device, simply by dragging it, and dropping into BluEasy form field!6. Settings:
Choose your receiving folder. All files you send with your mobile phone will be saved into that folder.
Choose to receive files from your device only, or from any.
Select your sending folder (operatable only if you use PDA version). All files from this folder will be available for downloading from your PDA.
Include all sub-folders also, not only your main sending folder.
Set sending pause. That pause will, in fact, be time to wait before sending another file to your mobile phone.7. Ordering files:
Special feature: order file(s) you want by using PDA version. Easy select file(s), and click "Download" button.
Easy as that!
In a few seconds you should receive all files to your phone...8. Bluetooth dongle initialization:
When you connect bluetooth dongle, BluEasy will automaticaly recognize that, and it will be ready for work. You will notice that by left bluetooth icon into status-bar. It will be changed into active one.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:25 November, 2012



Size:459.8 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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Keep It Safer is a secure and maintain program work! Block selected applications! Protect your personal data!Keep It Safer Features :
Green list:
Software added into this list will be protected from shut-down. Its work will be supervised, and if any

DateSep 25, 2014

Size:217.5 KB



CategoryFile & Disk Management

Wesal SMS can send informations to users using SMS feature of mobile phones. So, no matter where you are, informations you need are at your glance

DateSep 25, 2014

Size:9.5 MB



CategoryOther Comms Tools

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