Bitrix Intranet Portal


Bitrix Intranet Portal is a business-driven Enterprise 2.0 solution designed for impactful collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management. The product allows boosting employee productivity, internal interoperability, stakeholder and user satisfaction. Powered by PRO+PROTM security framework, it delivers extreme value in performance, functionality, and ease-of-use.Bitrix Intranet Portal Features:
Collaboration & Project Management
1. Highly Scalable Intranet Environment
2. Extranet for your Partners and Clients
3. Workgroup Management & Projects
4. Business Meeting Planning
5. Personal & Workgroup Tasks
6. Online Orders & Requests
7. Personal & Workgroup Calendars
8. Event SchedulerDocuments & Files Management
1. Shared / Private Documents & Files
2. Smart Document Library
3. Web 2.0 Photo Gallery new
4. Video Archive & Customizable Playlists
5. Advanced Business Processes new
6. Business Processes Visual EditorStructure and Organization
1. Enhanced Company Structure new
2. Personnel Management Tools
3. Powerful D.I.G. Search Technology
4. Absence Chart linked to Calendars
5. Classifieds and Announcements
6. Publishing Job Vacancies
7. "Out of Office" & "Online" Indicators
8. List of Upcoming Birthdays
9. Honored EmployeesCommunication
1. Mashup-style User Profiles
2. Personal and Workgroup Blogs
3. Forums and Communities
4. Friends Lists and Blan Lists
5. Instant Messages & Notifications
6. Jabber / XMPP Protocol
7. Video Conferences & P2P Video Calls
8. Polls, Questionnaires & Surveys
9. Newsletter Subscription
10. Announcements and Company NewsTraining and Support
1. Training Courses & E-Learning
2. Support via Helpdesk
3. Wiki-style Knowledge Base
4. Links Directory & FavouritesContent Management
1. Flexible Static Data Content Management
2. Powerful Advertising Tools
3. Web Analytics & Statistics
4. Easy-to-Use Template Wizard new
5. Synchronized Data Flow Management
6. PRO+PRO Security FrameworkBitrix Intranet Portal is supplied in three different editions: Office, Extranet, and Enterprise. Each edition is taylored according to the size and needs of different companies. Thus the number of features and modules present in each edition vary.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:06 September, 2012



Size:82.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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