Synchronize your Windows Mobile device, your iPhone or your Android device with Thunderbird and Sunbird on your PC. With BirdieSync , synchronize your Windows Mobile device (contacts, events, tasks and mails), your iPhone (contacts) or your Android device (contacts) with Thunderbird with Lightning extension installed and Sunbird on your PC.Thanks to its own synchronization engine, contacts, events, tasks and mails are synchronized as soon as your mobile is connected to your PC. Every creation, modification or deletion of an item on one of the devices are automatically transferred to the other one. So you only have one address list and calendar to manage and you can consult and manage your mails on your mobile. Your information is always up to date.1. Contacts, appointments, tasks and mails synchronization
BirdieSync supports synchronization of Windows Mobile devices with Thunderbird contacts and mails, and Lightning or Sunbird events and tasks. It also supports synchronization of iPhone contacts and Android contacts with Thunderbird.2. SimplicityBirdieSync is easy to install and configure, and is well integrated to Thunderbird and Sunbird to make easier its use. Synchronization is automatically done each time you connect your mobile to your PC and you can still use Thunderbird or Sunbird while regularly synchronizing.3. Thunderbird
BirdieSync is compatible with different versions of Thunderbird4. Sunbird
BirdieSync is compatible with different versions of Sunbird5. Lightning
BirdieSync is compatible with Lightning Thunderbird extension and provides Pocket Outlook appointment and task synchronization with Lightning events and tasks. Lightning can be installed on the classical version of Thunderbird as well as on the portable versions.6. Synchronization engine
BirdieSync relies on its own synchronization engine for more efficiency, flexibility and safety.BirdieSync is available for the following Windows mobile platforms:
* Pocket PC 2003
* Smartphone 2003
* Pocket PC 5.0
* Smartphone 5.0
* Pocket PC 6.0 - 6.5
* Smartphone 6.0 - 6.5
BirdieSync is available for the following iPhone operating systems:
* IOS 3.x
* IOS 4.x
BirdieSync is available for the following Android operating systems:
* Android 2.xRequirements:
* ActiveSync 4.5 (only for Windows Mobile devices)
* Thunderbird 3.1
* Lightning 1.0b2
* Sunbird 1.0b1


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:13 August, 2012



Size:21.7 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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