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Autumn MP3 Tagger is easy to use, fast and powerful tool for tagging and renaming your mp3 files.3 main reasons why to get Autumn MP3 Tagger:* Tag your whole mp3 collection in no time* No more chaos in your music collection* Extremely easy to use, attractive design.You can tag single files, tag multiple files for instant or rename/move files based upon existing tag data. Batch processing of files is done through customizable patterns, which can be easily and comfortably created/edited in pattern manager with immidiate previews.Other unique functions includes automatic tracknumber and diacritics formatting, case format or various substitution options and others.. MP3 Tagging Software - Autumn MP3 Tagger by Autumn Realm. MP3 Tagging Software - Autumn MP3 Tagger, tag editor for your music files.

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Published By:Autumn Realm

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:02 June, 2011




Size:4.0 MB

Platform: Windows All

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