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Fully automated time usage/project tracking software with time statistic analyzing and informative reporting capability for you to track billable hours, project analysis or simply to be conscious of your time spent while concentrating on real work. Time tracking is make easy without your manual involvment and you simply won't have unrecord time or lost billable hours. Time is recorded exactly as worked, on application you run, document you open and web-site you visit. With our flexible tagging rules/filters, you can customize your report for print or export in various format up to the minute detail. All done in the way you always want it to, without forcing you to use a fixed customer-project-task structure to record your time. Able to pause during keyboard/screensaver inactivity and run in non-administrative privilege environment and more. Suitable for individuals or small to large staff groups.. Time Tracking Software - Fully Automated Time Tracking. TimeTrack is the automated time tracking tool that can assist you with all your personal time tracking tasks. Project time tracking is much easier with TimeTrack, and you can also find out what percentage of your time you spend in meetings or how frequently you're interrupted by phone calls. Download a free trial version of our time tracking tool and start keeping track of your time!

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Published By:Automatic Time Tracking Software

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:25 May, 2011




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Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/Vista

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