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AT-CRM Shareware, running as a web application, is a Customer Relationship Management System. It provides the ability for you to successfully manage contacts with your clients.Being oriented towards your clients you can sell more then others and AT-CRM Shareware can be extremely helpful in improving your sales process. AT-CRM Shareware can be installed easily within half an hour. Key features:The organizer, which is used to mange your tasks and appointments. You can track each customer contact history and all events details.You can enter customers one by one or a number of customers at once.Multi criteria client search.For each client you can define a number of addresses, e-mail addresses, phone number etc.You can manage orders and items your company sell. You can plan tasks (we call them actions) to be performed.There are different types of tasks: personal contact, telephone call, sending an e-mail etc.. .

Published By:ZetaFoxeDeisgn

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 April, 2011




Size:2.1 MB

Platform: Win NT 3.x/NT 4.x/XP/2000

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