In the tutorial we learn how to use to generate PDF documents. Essentially it is a ASP to PDF converter for the .Net platform.

The project uses ASPX + C# code (although VB.Net is just as compatible) to render a web page using HTML 5 and CSS with assets. This if our first step in our ""HTML to PDF .Net" website project.
We then use the IronPDF library NuGet to Visual Studio or similar .NET IDE.

Once the IronPDF .Net PDF library is installed we can use its AspxToPdf (ASPX to PDF) static class in the ASPX code-behind Page_Load event to change all of the HTML to a visually identical PDF file. This is a html to pdf technology which can be implemented in as little as 2 line of C# or VB.Net code. As such we use print to PDF documents from existing WebForms. We can also create a PDF in ASP by rendering HTML strings, files or URLS into PDFS and server them as downloads, or simply archive them.

This PDF file may be displayed to the end user in-browser or as a file download with any specified file. In addition, display options may be specified including virtual paper size, margins, html headers and footers with data-merging & image render quality.

The asp to pdf technique for .Net is demonstrated in the tutorial, demonstrating "ASP.Net create a pdf functionality that so many developers of web applications find useful in advanced information system projects.By reading further from and its accompanying articles we may also learn that the same ASP.NetPDF file generator technology can be used to annotate, edit merge and split PDF documents in real time using C# or VB code. It is a comprehensive .Net PDF file library with both .net to pdf and pdf to .net capacity.

Aspx - C# - .Net - Vb Net - Asp Net - Asp - Vb - Aspx To Pdf - Aspx-To-Pdf - Html To Pdf - Convertor - Generator Library - .Net Software Component

Published By:Jacob Müller & The ASPX to PDF Team

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:06 March, 2018




Size:39.1 MB

Platform: Windows , Windows 8 , Win2000 , WinXP

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