ARIS Express


A Business Process Management (BPM) program from the market leader. ARIS Express is the perfect tool for starting with Business Process Management. It's easy to install and allows intuitive and fast process modeling. So everyone can get started and no BPM expertise is needed.ARIS Express benefits:
1. ARIS Express is free of charge
2. Perfect tool for occasional users and beginners in Business Process Management
3. Intuitive user interface - modelers can work productively from the start
4. Models for organizational structures, processes, software systems, data, and more
5. Study with free training material available in ARIS Community
6. All results can be re-used and enhanced in professional ARIS Platform productsFor Microsoft Windows systems, an executable setup is provided. Follow these steps to install or upgrade ARIS Express on Microsoft Windows systems:
1.Download the ARIS Express setup file (setup.exe) and save it to your local harddisk.
2.Important: Close ARIS Express if you are currently running it.
3.Start the setup by executing the setup file you downloaded in the previous step.
4.An installation wizard leads you through the installation process. The installation wizard might abort the installation process if your system does not meet the system requirements informing you about possible solutions. You might also want to review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for additional hints.
5.After installation, start ARIS Express using the new icon placed on your Windows desktop. If you have not used ARIS Express before, you will need to configure ARIS Express on first start.Requirements:
* Java Runtime EnvironmentPlease Note: In order to use this software you will need to register to this website.

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License Type:Freeware

Date Added:24 August, 2012




Size:111.5 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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