Aquarelle Color Suite


Aquarelle Color Suite is a special designer tool which allows you to create perfect color schemes in a few minutes.
It allows you to work in RGB, HSB, CMYK and Lab. Using harmonious color wheel, color variations and spectrum table you easily get automatic color schemes, built with only one specified color. Color mixer makes a variation table of 4 picked colors. Colors From Image Tool creates a custom color scheme from photo or picture. Aquarelle Color Suite is able to import colors from Photoshop palettes, internet links, images and export your palette to CSS, image, Photoshop palette, web-document... Also, there are features to pick color from screen, analyze contrast between two custom colors, print your palette.Aquarelle Color Suite can help you create harmonious color schemes for your website or other applications. You can select base colors from a color wheel, pick them from your desktop or load an image file, and quickly generate a color scheme based on your selection. The software also show variations of each color and includes a color mixer to create a custom color palette from up to 4 input colors. Other features include a Contrast Analyzer to check the compatibility of font and background colors by W3C standards, a personal color library, printing of color schemes and more. Aquarelle Color Suite supports RGB, HSB, CMYK and LAB and can import/export colors to Photoshop Palette, Adobe Color Table, HTML/CSS and several image formats.* Work with 4 color models: RGB, HSB, CMYK, Lab
* Import & Export your palettes
* Color Wheel and Harmonies
* Build Color Variations
* Mix colors
* Fast access to color libraries
* Visual spectrum based on any of RGB and HSB value
* Color From Image Tool allows you to create color scheme from a photo or a picture easily and fast
* Contrast Analyze Tool shows best colors compatibility of your scheme for text/background
* Pick color from desktop with Screen Picker, that allows you to custom zoom any part of it
* Print your color scheme
* Quick access to special color values style like HTML, Delphi, Visual Studio
* Adjusting colors to Web-Safe and Web-Spectrum palettes
* Multi-language, easy and customizable interface with themes support


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:19 August, 2012



Size:1.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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