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Critically acclaimed Anti Malware-Suite. Editors pick at and 5/5 stars at,,,,,,,,,, and Anti Explorator finds and removes malware, such as spyware, ransomware, trojans, adware etc. It uses a brand new, unique technology to do so and combined with its huge, always updated database with threats it's one of the most effective solutions on the market. There're several ways to scan a unit with Anti Explorator. The options are divided into three: -Fast Scan -Full Scan -Advanced Scan The "Fast Scan" will be sufficient for most users. It scans area commonly infected with default settings. The "Full Scan" scans all parts of the computer with default settings. "Advanced Scan" makes it possible for more advanced users to edit both what and how much that Anti Explorator should scan and variables such as min/max file size and file types to scan. All together it makes it a powerful anti-malware tool for both beginners and advanced users. After cleaning a unit, it automatically protects against any new malware infections. It does so by ?smartscanning? anything that possibly could be a new threat without the user is noticing anything both in terms of activity or PC performance. It has additional security tools built in such as ad blocker and parental control. The Ad Blocker simply removes all ads from websites visited. Parental control restricts access to websites not suitable for children. Both tools can be activated and deactivated with one click. The trial is free to use for an unlimited amount of time but removal of malware and auto-protect are disabled in the free trial. The price of the full version is 29.99 USD per half year. Anti Explorator offers both free phone and e-mail support to all users - free as well as paying.

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Published By:Anti Explorator ApS

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:31 August, 2017




Size:7.7 MB

Platform: Windows 8 , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64

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