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Wireless synchronize, manage, and backup your handset contents from your computer. Android Manager WiFi offer you a simple means of seamlessly synchronizing and managing your contacts, pictures, music and videos as well as any other files you want to store on your Android handset. All of this without any cables attached.Android Manager WiFi Features:
1. Contacts
Contacts allows you to back up contact entries so that you don't have to worry about losing, breaking, switching phone or changing service providers, as well as organize your contact entries and keep yourself on track all the time.2. Messages
Messages frees you from painstakingly inputting text on the keypads. Android Manager sync with your handset message automatically and you can send message at PC via handset easily!3. Photos
Photos allows you to easily import photos from PC or the handset and organize them in different albums for better management. Furthermore, you can quickly edit any photo and upload it to your handset as a wallpaper.4. Videos
Videos allows you to insert video files from PC for playback and then upload to handset folder. Similarly, video files on the handset can also be downloaded to PC for playback.5. Music
Music function is a strong media file management tool that works seamlessly with the handset. Quickly search your favorites in PC, manage the ultimate Library, and enjoy the easiest digital jukebox in your own mobile way.6. Application
Application allows you to import downloaded mobile applications and have them installed into your handset upon synchronization.7. Files
Files allows you to organize Handset files with just a few clicks and files on the Handset can be at where you want them to be.8. Sync
Sync allows you to synchronize the following items between Windows Contacts/Outlook Express/Outlook and the handset.Requirements:
* Outlook 2003 and above (For sync with Outlook)


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:11 July, 2012

Version:2.2 Build 1103.373



Size:19.4 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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