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A strong sidebar to Microsoft Outlook providing outstandinger control over your categories. Aladdins CategorieZ is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook that adds a new pane into the Outlook interface. The CategorieZ pane not only allows quick and easy access to your Outlook categories but also adds power and flexibility to the standard Outlook categories. Give Aladdins CategorieZ a try to fully assess its abilities.Organize
1. Group your categories for better organization.
2. Limit categories to folder types (e.g. Mail, Calendar).Discover
1. Find a category quickly using Quick Find.
2. A Summary section that displays selected categories.Utilize
1. One click category assignment.
2. One click Filtering or Instant Search.Automate
1. Automatically categorize by Conversation.
2. Automatically categorize Reply email.Synchronize
1. Automatic company-wide categories.
2. Sync your Master List with your Outlook folders.Customize
1. Show CategorieZ pane in folders and items.
2. Move and Resize the CategorieZ pane to suit.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:06 August, 2012



Size:11.0 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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