Accuratix = Accurate Inventory eXtended. Accuratix is a utility inventory and licence management tool (software asset management), one of the rare working on a file-to-product basis. It does not pretend to be neither a utility distribution nor a utility metering tool.The Accuratix is composed of two main components:
the Accuratix management console and
the Accuratix clients.
There are two stages of the inventory process: by default it is not a totally automated/unattended process, but getting acquainted with it, you can make it totally unattended.Usability, accuracy and simplicity: Accuratix is a utility inventory and licence management tool, one of the rare working on a file-to-product basis. It is not be confused with a neither with a utility distribut ion tool nor with a utility meter ing tool.The creators of this product are employees of a consult ing company providing program license audit services to its clients for more than 15 years. Accuratix and its predecessor solut ions are a direct result of the audit services provided dur ing the years with and without the local branch of Ernst & Young International. We needed a software for creating real, usable, detailed reports. A tool, that is not misleading as the ones based on registry-data or file header information. We needed one, that is capable of digging very deep into the file system.Unlike the majority of the solut ions on the market - and there are hundreds - it was not our intent ion to spoil the IT administrator with the easy discovery of the client workstations, but to spoil with the usability of the reports, answering real-wor ld issues.
The Accuratix is composed of two main components. The Accuratix Management Console and the Accuratix Clients (PRClients). By default the inventory process is not an automated process (it starts in a so called Auditor-mode and later your can switch to Unattended mode).The key components of the inventory is the set of the so called EOS files, that are produced by the client and then uploaded to a directory (share) on the Accuratix console server. A dist inguishing feature of the product is thar they are not automat ically processed. It is up to the inventory manager/administrator/auditor to fully control and have a complete overview of the process. You can either import (process) the EOS files one-by-one or you can import all from a subdirectory at once (when you get acquainted with the inventory process then switching to Unattended mode the EOS files are automatically processed).


License Type:Freeware

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