Automatic photo adjusting software, Corrects the colors of the image with only one click and generates a new image file on the disk.The software tries to give a solution for the automatic color correction of photos. This means setting the contrast, color balance, saturation and gamma levels of the image by analization.This can be a solution for those kind of users who are not able to manage and correct images with complicated graphical softwares, or just simply don't intend to spend a lot of time with manually correcting the images one-by-one.This program is a command-line tool, it can be run from a terminal or console window. It takes parameters and filenames as input. For example:
aaphoto image.jpg
This creates an image called "image_new.jpg" that will be the color corrected one.The software handles the following image formats: mif, pnm / pgm / ppm, bmp, ras, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx.aaPhoto Features:
1. Automatic Photo adjusting
2. Corrects the colors of image with only one click
3. Simple and easy-to-use
4. No need to install robust softwares
5. Launches from local menu
6. Generates a new image file on the diskUSAGE: aaphoto [options] [source files]
The following image types are supported (thanks to JasPer and libpng): mif, pnm / pgm / ppm, bmp, ras, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx, png
Quality settings can be applied only to jp2, jpc, jpg formats
The following options are supported:
-h --help Print this help
-v --version Print version information
-a --autoadjust *Auto adjust the colors of the image
-o --output *Set output directory
--overwrite *Overwrite mode, the original source file is replaced
--jpg *JPEG image output
--jp2 *JPEG 2000 image output
--png *PNG image output with alpha channel support
--bmp *BMP image output
-r --resize *Resize image with given value taking the longer side in % or pixels
--rotate90 *Rotate image with 90 degrees clockwise
--rotate180 *Rotate image with 180 degrees
--rotate270 *Rotate image with 90 degrees counter-clockwise
--flipx *Mirror image horizontally
--flipy *Mirror image vertically
--noexif *Save image without EXIF info
-q --quality *Set image quality from 1 to 100
-s --silent Silent mode, no information printed during operation
--quiet ...same as above
-V --verbose Print verbose information about processing
--speed *Print extra speed information
--test *Print detailed test information into image

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