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Devart Excel Add-in for NetSuite allows you to use powerful Excel capabilities for processing and analysis of data from NetSuite, editing external data as usual excel spreadsheets and saving data changes back to NetSuite

DateFeb 13, 2017


Size:4.6 MB



PlatformWindows, Windows 8, Win2000, WinOther

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

Excel Add-in for NetSuite

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL is a visual tool for quick queries creation and extended data management. With the help of this tool, developers can effortlessly create and edit any complex queries in just several clicks.

DateNov 23, 2016


Size:21.0 MB



PlatformWindows, Windows 8, Win2000, WinOther

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

Acronyms Master generates List of Acronyms for MS Word. This tool has been specially designed for those who work with technical documentation. Acronyms Master is a useful tool which is meant to save your time as well as improve productivity!

DateJun 9, 2016

AuthorSBS Labs

Size:9.6 MB



PlatformWindows, Windows 8, Windows Server, Win2000

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

As many people know, scanned documents don't always come out as perfect PDFs. One of the most common problems, a skewed page. A4 PDF FixSkew is a quick way to correct the skew of PDF documents.

DateFeb 16, 2016


Size:12.4 MB



PlatformWindows, WinOther, WinServer, Windows 2000

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

A4 PDF FixSkew

Take images or text out of a PDF file and use it in web pages, word processing documents, PowerPoint presentations, or in desktop publishing software. Simply use your cursor to draw out a rectangle around the area you want to crop, and press Ctrl-C.

DateJun 15, 2015


Size:4.2 MB



PlatformWindows, Windows 8, Win2000, WinServer

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

PDF Copy Paste

Creating Word documents that meet the laws and regulations is easy with Invantive Composition using templates and SQL for your database. Invantive Composition saves you money and reduces the volume of erroneously prepared documents.

DateApr 1, 2015

AuthorInvantive Software B.V.

Size:1.1 MB



PlatformWindows, Windows 8, WinServer, WinVista

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

Invantive Composition for Word

PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. PayPunch can pay for itself in as little as 2-3 months.

DateOct 9, 2014

AuthorXpress Software Inc.

Size:23.2 MB




CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

PayPunch Professional

DocsToBox helps you track what storage box you placed file folders into when archiving your old records. A simple Search screen not only helps you locate what box a particular folder is in but also where that box is located.

DateOct 9, 2014

AuthorMycroft Computing

Size:3.0 MB



PlatformWindows, Win2000, WinServer, WinVista

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools


Wedding management software and wedding planning software. Wedding manager Pro as the name suggests is software which has been designed to serve event managers and wedding planners.

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthoreDataset Software

Size:15.3 MB



PlatformWin2000, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

Wedding Manager Pro

Efficient Calendar is an elegant and easy-to-use scheduler, planner and reminder. Begin to use Efficient Calendar now to help you manage time, save time and finally, control time, and you can go along a highly efficient, happy and successful road!

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthorEfficient Software

Size:9.5 MB



PlatformWin2000, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x

CategoryBusiness - Document Management Tools

Efficient Calendar